Morocco Projects Market 2014 report published

A comprehensive overview of the fast-emerging Morocco projects market

12 March 2014

The latest in a series of market intelligence reports I’ve written for MEED Insight, the Morocco Projects Market 2014 report outlines the major project opportunities in the kingdom sector by sector. The first MEED Insight report on Morocco, this report looks at the key clients and contractors, the historic, current and future sizes of each sector, the major challenges, the key government and private strategies for each sector, and it also provides a political and economic overview.

Morocco is an increasingly important projects market. As the GCC projects market runs the risk of saturation, Morocco, blessed with a well-educated population, growing economy and stable political environment is increasingly being viewed as a viable alternative market for contractors, consultants and suppliers alike.

Without meaningful oil and gas reserves, Morocco has diversified its economy to focus on other key sectors. It is a regional leader for high-speed rail, renewable energy and fertilisers, while other sectors such as mining and tourism are attracting growing amounts of investment and interest.

Today there are more than $20bn worth of major projects under execution in the kingdom with another $50bn-plus in the planning or tendering stage. Unlike in the GCC, much of the projects drive is being made by the private sector rather than the public sector.

As projects become increasingly large and ambitious, the need for foreign expertise is growing. Contractors across the region and beyond are attracted to Morocco by the increasing and size and diversity of the projects on offer.

Along with providing individual project details, the research report offers you individual sector strategies, current and future project work and challenges and opportunities facing project development in the kingdom.

Key benefits and features:

Through this comprehensive report you will be able to:

  • Learn about $70bn-plus of Moroccan project opportunities
  • Understand current and upcoming individual project opportunities
  • Quantify investment in each sector
  • Access rankings of the top clients and contractors
  • Assess the specific challenges and drivers behind each subsector
  • Understand what the competition is doing

Comprising more than 100 pages, the report provides a comprehensive overview of all key project sectors, and is an invaluable tool for any company wishing to do business in the kingdom.

For contractors, consultants and suppliers alike, the report is an essential guide for doing and winning business in the region. Save time and investment on research and analysis. Gather exclusive data on the Morocco projects market through this in-depth examination.

To access exclusive data, research and analysis along with many tables, graphs, charts and maps order your copy on the MEED Insight website.

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