Six days remain to fund groundbreaking documentary on Jordan’s impending humanitarian crisis

After months of production work on The Second Crisis - a groundbreaking documentary about the devastating impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on Jordan – just six days remain to raise the funding needed to complete the film.

Please take this opportunity to help us raise awareness of the plight of thousands of struggling families in Jordan by clicking on the link below to support the film.

There are just six days left of the campaign, so please don’t hesitate.


The Second Crisis tells a story that is not being told elsewhere: that of the growing threat of a humanitarian crisis among impoverished Jordanians.

As tens of thousands of Syrian refugees arrive in the towns of northern Jordan, local people face tripling rents, escalating food prices and a shortage of water.

Many of the families we met face eviction from their homes if they are unable to meet the increase in rent. Already on the poverty line, they have no hope of doing so.

Ali and Fatmeh and their family face eviction from their home in Mafraq, northern Jordan

Ali and Fatmeh with their two children, one of whom is disabled, in their home in Mafraq. Ali and Fatmeh face eviction from their home if they do not pay a huge increase in rent that they have no hope of meeting.


Local charities and international organisations are warning of a humanitarian crisis among Jordan’s own population.

Most international aid is targetted at the Syrian refugee population, and particularly at those staying in the Za’atari refugee camp. But this is only a fraction of the total refugee population: the majority of refugees are in Jordan’s towns and cities.

Aid to the local population is scarce, and where it is available is targetted at property owners rather than those Jordanians who are in desperate need.

These issues have received scant attention in the media. Help us to make this film and we can change that.

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Richard Nield is a freelance journalist, photographer and filmmaker covering the Middle East and Africa. In 10 years covering the region, he has been published and broadcast by clients including the BBC, Reuters, Al Jazeera, The Economist, The Financial Times, The Independent and Foreign Policy magazine. He has reported from throughout the region, including Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, South Sudan, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.