Libya Election Timetable To Slip Further Amid Factional Divisions

MEES, 27 July 2018

Libya’s parliament, the House of Representatives (HOR) is poised to vote on the terms of a planned referendum on constitutional changes, with a timetable in place for elections by the end of the year. But after another round of damaging politicking in recent weeks, there is little chance that the plans will keep to schedule.

The timetable to hold elections by 10 December is likely to slip until at least the spring, sources close to the process tell MEES. The timetable, set only three months ago, already faces almost impossible odds. The elections would be the first since a dispute over parliamentary polls in June 2014 led to the de facto division of Libya between two rival administrations.

It is “increasingly doubtful” that elections will be held by end-2018, says Tarek Megerisi, Libya specialist at the European Council on Foreign Relations…

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