I am an established international journalist, broadcaster and filmmaker with 12 years’ experience covering the Middle East and Africa. I have been published and broadcast by news organisations including the BBC, Reuters, The Financial Times, Al Jazeera, The Economist, The Independent, the Economist Intelligence Unit and Foreign Policy magazine.

Over the course of more than a decade, I have covered the whole range of political, economic and energy issues in the Middle East and Africa, reporting on landmark events such as the independence of South Sudan, the dramatic political changes in North Africa and the Syrian crisis.

My assignments have taken me to Algeria, Libya, Egypt, South Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Malawi, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and the UAE.

I also provide research and consultancy services, political and economic risk analysis and business intelligence to companies wishing to do business in the region.

In the past two years I have authored comprehensive business intelligence reports on South Sudan and Algeria, and over the course of my career I have contributed to countless other bespoke research publications across the Middle East and Africa region.

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I am currently looking for enthusiastic and driven Production Assistants for a documentary film about South Sudan’s national wheelchair basketball team. For more details, please click here.