I am a documentary producer, director and presenter focused on making films of social, economic and political significance across the Middle East and North Africa region.

I have a keen interest in telling stories of national and international significance through the mouths of the individuals who are affected. My aim is to give a voice to those who are unrepresented, whether by their community, their government, the international community or the world’s media.

I am currently working on two films: a documentary about the impact of the influx of Syrian refugees on the local population in Jordan; and the story of the national wheelchair basketball team in South Sudan, set up two weeks after the country won its independence in July 2011.

The Second Crisis – Syrian refugees in Jordan

Last year I travelled to Jordan where I shot a groundbreaking documentary about the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on the local population in Jordan with London-based independent film company Papercut Pictures. To contribute to the crowdfunding campaign to help publicise and distribute the fim, please visit

The film tells the story from the viewpoint of local Jordanians whose lives have been thrown into poverty and chaos by the arrival into their towns and cities of hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees in the space of just a few months.

Living increasingly beyond their means and threatened with eviction from their homes, these impoverished local people tell how they have started to feel like second class citizens in their own towns.

Tension is rising between the two communities as they try to co-exist in increasingly difficult circumstances. If nothing is done about the situation, there will not be one humanitarian crisis in Jordan, but two.

Lions & Tigers – Wheelchair basketball in South Sudan

Having spent several months in South Sudan since it voted to become independent in January 2011, I returned to the country in July 2012 to shoot the inspiring story of the creation of South Sudan’s national wheelchair basketball team.

When civil war broke on in South Sudan in December 2013, many of the players fled the country to escape the slaughter. In 2015, I spent three months in Kenya and Ethiopia filming the players who had once again become refugees.

A peace deal has now been signed and some of the displaced players have return to South Sudan, where I plan to travel in late June and July 2016.

New projects

I am always on the lookout for new ideas for documentary and news coverage in Africa and the Middle East. Possible next directions include the process of political change that is under way in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, and the struggle for independence in Western Sahara, one of the world’s least known and longest-running independence movements.

Get involved

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