Delayed Projects To Shave Cumulative 80bcm From Algeria’s Gas Output By 2020

MEES, 14 July 2017

If the Timimoun and Touat projects had come on stream in early 2014, Ahnet at the beginning of 2015 and Reggane North at the beginning of 2016 – targets that back in 2010 looked conservative – and assuming they maintained plateau rates until the end of June this year, they would have already have pumped more than 42bcm of gas, equivalent to a whole year of local demand. Add lost output from In Salah and In Amenas to this and the cumulative shortfall to date is more than 60bcm of gas. Even if Reggane North, Touat and Timimoun do start up by the beginning of 2018, and Ahnet at the beginning of 2020, that will still be a further deficit against planned production of more than 20bcm. The cumulative loss for 2013-20 would be 84bcm, about the same amount of gas as Algeria has produced annually in recent years…

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