I have covered Algeria on a weekly basis since 2004 and have travelled to the country several times.

I am an expert across all sectors, including politics, political risk, investment, energy and the economy.

I have an excellent in-country network, having interviewed ministers, politicians, heads of government organisations and foreign companies, analysts, diplomats and NGOs.

I have written news, features and analysis pieces for the FT, Al Jazeera, The Independent, The Banker and The Atlantic Council.

I have been the country writer on Algeria for the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) since 2008, contributing weekly analysis pieces on political and economic developments (both macro and sector-based) and their impact on political, economic and business risk.

I have provided consultancy services on Algeria for leading businesses and political risk organisations on topics including monetary policy, defence and security, corruption, politics, civil society and telecoms.

I am author of a book on investment in Algeria (published by MEED Insight, 2012, pp.183), providing detailed business intelligence on all sectors of the economy along with an analysis of government policy, regulation, political risk and the business environment.

I have written numerous tailored reports on Algeria for corporate and media organisations on subjects including oil and gas, renewable energy, urban development, the environment, transport, retail and healthcare.

As North Africa editor for the Middle East Economic Survey (MEES) I write high-value analysis pieces on politics, economics and energy in Algeria; prior to this I provided weekly country coverage of Algeria for five years at the Middle East Economic Digest (MEED).

Map of Algeria

Source: University of Texas

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Richard Nield is a freelance journalist, photographer and filmmaker covering the Middle East and Africa. In 10 years covering the region, he has been published and broadcast by clients including the BBC, Reuters, Al Jazeera, The Economist, The Financial Times, The Independent and Foreign Policy magazine. He has reported from throughout the region, including Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, South Sudan, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.