Algeria projects report in print

24th June 2012

The most comprehensive business intelligence report on Algeria’s economy is now in print. The culmination of several months of research and a decade of accumulated knowledge, this 180-page report is the most detailed and up-to-date study of the projects market in Algeria.

It is the perfect time to be informed about the Algerian market. The government is in the midst of a $286bn infrastructure development programme, covering the period 2010-14. It has announced plans to invest $80bn in the oil sector alone over the same period.

This will help the government sustain an export income that has helped it accumulate $200bn in foreign reserves, and enable it to fund public spending and joint venture projects in the years to come.

The report, published by the leading Middle East research consultancy MEED Insight, features the latest intelligence on every major project currently planned or under way in every sector of Algeria’s economy. It is a unique source of information for anyone operating in Algeria, considering entering the market, or wanting to build their market knowledge.

The report provides a detailed assessment of the economy, the political situation and the ease of doing business in the country. It gives a breakdown of all the key regulations affecting investors in Algeria, and explains their impact on foreign companies. It examines issues such as raising finance, repatriating profits and taking shares in local joint ventures.

The sectors covered in detail by the report include: oil and gas; power; water, wastewater and desalination; renewable energy; industry and manufacturing; roads, railways, ports and aviation; real estate and construction; petrochemicals; mining and metals; and banking and finance.

Each chapter includes a detailed breakdown of government strategy, key institutions, the regulatory framework, current and planned projects, and the challenges of doing business.

There is no better time to become informed on the many opportunities that Algeria has to offer.

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