Lions & Tigers

This is the story of South Sudan’s wheelchair basketball team.

The film tells the heroic story of a group of courageous and inspiring young men determined to overcome all odds to follow their dreams.

Having lost limbs to landmine and gunshot injuries while fighting as child soldiers during Sudan’s civil war, these men were airlifted to a refugee camp in Kenya, where they learned to play wheelchair basketball for the first time.

A peace agreement in 2005 enabled the players to return home after many years away from their families. On 9 July 2011, their country gained independence, becoming the world’s newest nation.

Finally the players were able to fulfil their promise that if ever South Sudan became a country they would form a national team. Two weeks after independence, the team was incorporated, and they started practising.

But in December 2013, South Sudan itself was engulfed in its own civil war.

Many of the players of the new national team became refugees once more, fleeing for their lives as soldiers went from door to door massacring people from a particular tribe.

A peace agreement is now in place in South Sudan, and the players are beginning to return, determined to build on their dream to one day play in the Paralympics.

Production of this film began in 2012 and has been entirely self-funded. If you would like to help bring this story to the world, please donate at: